the pacific rim au of legally blonde though:

elle woods trying to get into jaeger academy to win back warner.

"you got into jaeger academy?" "what, like it’s hard?"

elle woods being drift compatible with vivian.

elle falling for LOCCENT officer emmett.

elle and vivian piloting a jaeger called delta nu.


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Pacific RimLegally Blondei am never over Pacific RimPacific Rim AUs for EVERYONE
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Sebastian StanAnthony MackieChris Evan's left boob grabbing problem is literally the funniest thing to mefor bad daysthis video ALWAYS MAKES ME LAUGHSeb's impression of it is amaaazing
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Sleepy Hollowi miss this show like burningi want it back yesterday
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les misommmgg
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Skyfalli miss my bbys
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Pacific Rimi am never over pacific rim


Whenever I misquote a lyric from a musical


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about me
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Hugh Dancy how u so fancyHugh Dancyhow dare u


please keep making pacific rim movies I don’t care how shitty they are i would gladly watch ‘pacific rim 37: newt ate all the fucking pizza rolls again’

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about mesrsly thoi am never over pacific rimpacific rimi would watch that

not changing your url to maintain your brand recognition

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about menot that i rlly have a 'brand'i'm too tiny of a blogbut i really love itand also i feel like more people have flocked to my blog since this url came around?so i feel like it's more ~recognizable than my others