#this is one of the most important events of my young life i’m so sure i cried when this happened   #stacker ‘not here 4 ur pity party of 1 bc i’m trying to save the WORLD’ pentecost   #stacker ‘pls chill with ur tragic backstory as an excuse bc trust son we’ve ALL got one’ pentecost   #stacker ‘how did i suddenly become everyone’s nanny’ pentecost   #stacker ‘i used to fight monsters as big as the empire state building and now i’m breaking up fights between   #insecure white boys who are both too interested in my daughter than i care to imagine’ pentecost (tags from emmanuellekunt)
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Live Your Life
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Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life

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Richard Armitagehow dare uwhyy
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into the woodsi miss this showi also just sat and sang all of my parts to the prologue just nowugghhh
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gamesEmma Approvedomg these are so cool!!!
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Hugh DancyHugh Dancy how u so fancyhow dare uugghhhhdork


Benedict Cumberbatch ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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benedict cumberbatchhow dare uals ice bucket challengewhat a sport doing it so many times
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Hooked On a Feeling
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musicGoTGHooked on a FeelingBlue Swedeall the songs on the Awesome Mix are so gr8i've gotten them stuck in my head so many times
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Chris Evanshow dare uu assholegoddamnit

Chris Evansā€™ Ice Bucket ChallengeĀ 

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Chris Evansvideoals ice bucket challengeomg chris you meatballsuch a nerd look at youugh