Okay there’s a lot of muggleborn headcanons out there but what about squib headcanons?

Squibs who discover latent magic ability and use their limited powers to become famous muggle magicians.

Squibs who make up for their lack of magic by studying theoretical magics like divination and ending up as renowned soothsayers.

Squibs who use their knowledge of the the magical world to write a wildly successful book series based on the magic school they always wanted to go to.

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people who randomly decide to compliment you are so important

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YES GOODsome girl did this to me today at work when i was cashing her outshe told me she really liked my styleand i went home and my hair was all cray sticking out of my beanieand i thought to myself: WHAT A SWEETHEART TELLING ME I'M COOL WHEN OBVI I LOOK LIKE I ROLLED OUT OF BED TWO SECONDS AGO(which is exactly how i got ready this morning)
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star trek: into darknessScottySimon Pegghe is so fantastic in the ST moviesI already loved him but this was srsly a gr8 moment
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Star Trekomg
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Pacific RimI AM NEVER OVER PACIFIC RIMalso had affirmed this weekend that I indeed always have a visceral reaction to ppl telling me they hate this movieMako MoriStacker Pentecostprecious bbyslook at Mako's faceshe's so happy
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black booksBernard BlackBernard Black is a giftsometimes I'm Bernardmost times I'm Manny
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SDCCsdcc14nerdsalso omg 'dorito'Chris EvansRDJ


What if the Slytherin common room had the same kind of magic that Hogwarts has that conceals it’s real appearance and shows something different to Muggles and only the Slytherin students can see the big fluffy cushions and kittens playing in the portraits and everyone else sees dank, dripping dungeons.

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HPSlytherinhouse pridehp headcanonsi approve of this message
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Robert Downey Jrrdjsdccsdcc14what the hellu nerdrdj u ass ur ridiculous and i love you
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NBC HannibalHannibal spoilers?blooper reel!!!!S2 bloopersI'M SO HAPPY